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Ollila Dairy Farm

Ollila farm is located at Sonkajärvi, 105 km from Kuopio, in the middle of Finland. Jarkko and Merja Tuovinen live at the farm with their four children Saara (born 2003), Kaisa (born 2006),Hanna (born 2009) and Veera (born 2010). Jarkko took over the farm in 1994. Merja was studying civil engineering at that time. Merja started workying at the farm in 1997. Milk production is farm’s main production line. Green grass and barley are the products of the fields. Ollila farm has the quality system and the environment management system in use.

In the beginning there were 14 cows and 10 heifers at the farm. In the beginning of 1999 we started to build the new free-stall barn for 34 cows. The latest extension of the cow-house was built 2007. It was for 72 cows. During years 1999-20012the amount of animals has extended to 90 cows and to 55 young cows. All bull calves left the farm at the age of 10-20 days. Automatic milking system has been in use since August 2004. It has been one of the best investments at our farm. It has given flexibility to our working times and helped us to arrange the work and children care. Many other tasks have also been automated, for example we have calf drinking machine and grass silage is distributed by belt feeder. There is also a fire alarm system in the barn.

The breeding plan is made twice a year. Our main breeding goals are good milk production and long-life cows with good conformation. Especially udder conformation is important. The health care plan is also made every year. Milking cows have the opportunity to go out every day during the year for walking and to exercise yard. We think that it has had a good effect to their health. We have also Veterinarian visiting us at least once in a month, to check the health of our cattle. Cows hooves are trimmed about 2-3 times per year. The cows are fed with grass silage, barley, complete feed and protein feed.

The average yield of 2008 was 65,1 cows and 8640 Mkgs-359 Fkgs -4,16 F% -303 Pkgs -3,51 P%. The highest producing cow 2008 was Onerva by 11995 Mkgs. The yield of ayrshires (43,4 cows) was 8380 Mkgs and Holsteins (21,7cows) 9158 Mkgs.  In the near future our goal is to reach 10000 MKgs average yield. Because of extensions there are a lot of young cows and therefore the average calvings per cow was only 2.2., when our aim of average calvings is 3.0. The somatic cell amount was 194 000.

Ollila farm wants to produce good quality milk and take care of animals welfare.

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